Splash’s Email Sender offers robust functionality for building and sending professional emails with a proven track record of industry leading deliverability standards. Compose targeted event marketing campaigns right within each event page you create. Design and send custom emails starting with a variety of base templates for invitations to day-of reminders. Our dynamic library offers different layout elements for you to choose from so you can closely match your event page’s look and feel. We offer a host of advanced email features, including the ability to pre-populate your event site s RSVP Form with the email recipient s info and to insert personalized salutations in every message.

Mass Email Sender for Bulk Email Blasts invite lists using the powerful Lists and Tags features to target your top social influencers or most engaged guests. Check your real-time email analytics to monitor any bounces with each email that is sent. Monitor opens and clicks to keep your finger on the pulse of your event’s performance before, during and after. Schedule emails to send at a later date. You have the control to schedule based on the timing of your event (one week away) or at a custom time. Available with Splash for Business only.

The phrase email sender score may inspire you to imagine a new TV show in which judges hold up their – placards and grade the quality of contestants emails. But, there s unlikely to be much audience for that even with the low standards of reality television today. However, audience is very much a factor in email sending score. After all, the email communications you send will never get to your targeted recipients unless you have a good sender score.

What is an email sender score? Email sender rating report example A sender score helps the IPS to weed out spam marketing, a continued malignancy in the marketing world. Cisco s SenderBase.org examines over TB daily across over . million web, email, firewall and IPS appliances. The site claims to process B daily email messages with % of email volume detected as spam. Mail servers will routinely check a sender score before deciding what to do with the emails from that address.