Email Harvester are something that is not uncommon in our business world today. Ever since we experience the dot com boom era at the turn of the millennium, we have seen the internet slowly taking over our business, our live and our world. What greater way to have access to millions of people world-wide through the internet and for a business person, that means millions of potential customers world-wide.

Email marketing strategies require businesses or companies to come up with email lists to entice more customers to them. Studies have shown that people like you and I require at least a total of 7 times of advertising to before we would decide to buy a product. Essentially, advertising to someone face to face 7 times can be rather irritating and you most probably would not be able to clinch a deal, however through email lists, you get to advertise to your potential customers in a subtle way that they would not recognize it. The catch is, to provide them the quality information that they are looking for when they sign up for your email listing. Dodgy information or spam mail would not only turn the person off, they may even go on to spread a bad word for you and your business.

With that said, it is no doubt why this article’s title is “buy email lists at your own peril”. There are lots of email lists sources out there in the world-wide web. Thousands have come up with millions of lists to earn a quick buck, but most of them are spam and the email lists are more often than not emails harvested from the internet. These are not potential prospects who have opted into an email list and expect any emails. Using such email lists for your marketing campaigns would only result in your autoresponder service flagging multiple spam complaints.

In the field of email marketing, we look into conversion rates pertaining to the amount of ‘readers’ of your email lists turning into actual customers of yours that purchase your items. Like what we said earlier on, we want them to be advertised to at least a total of 7 times, but how will you be able to achieve that if your potential customer retracts from your email listing after reading your first email because it is a spam mail?

Ultimately, the aim of email lists is to increase sales and boost your business, but if you were to be impatient and want to do it through the easy way of purchasing pre-made lists with millions of emails at a cheap cost rather than to create your own list that is personalized, you may end up losing more than you have made at the start. Start creating your own lists today, making it as original and personalized as it is; through this way, you would be able to draw more potential customers as what you provide is personalized and also original. Before long, you will be able to see an increase in your customer base and your sales records.